Saturday, July 22, 2017

A short story about me and that guy 2017

I think we've just met twice in this year. The first one, we went out for movies, and that was fast. The second one we went out to the beach with other friends. Nothing special happened. We aren't that close like we used to, but we're close in another way (if you know what I mean). But, I like that way. Little talks in the night with friends, the pool, the beach, the house, the food and the trip. I guess you're feeling the same that day, all of the things. Until you are home and our little talks it made me happier. Your feelings every time that we met, I can see that. I don't know why but sometimes after every time we met, you act like you used to act before. And it's cute. In the end, I thought we just keep our feelings until time shows us to do.

I like you in a different way now. We had our own path, but I know when I can miss you and when I can't. This year I think we can figure out what we want and be our own, I want your happiness more than just your feelings. I hope that I'm here or I'm still here whenever you want me to, but until then I know I need someone who is completely in with me too.


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